This ecourse is aimed at Occupational Therapists who want to explore coaching and consider using it as part of their professional “tool kit”. It aims to provide some practical tools and methods of practice. It will show how coaching not only benefits our clients, but also supports our own personal development.

E-course outcomes : At the end of the course, participants will have:

  • Identified and understood the fundamental processes involved in coaching including opportunity to use and experience some coaching tools
  • Understood the barriers to coaching
  • Explored possible applications of coaching within OT
  • Tools and techniques to use with service users, patients and other people they work with
  • Gained the personal benefits from participation including increased self awareness of values, strengths etc.

This is an open access course,, approximately 18 hours of learning involved. CPD Certificate available.

Join the OT Coaching revolution now!

" Huge benefits. Great for OT’s who are intrigued by coaching. Lots of material &  food for thought"

"A very refreshing and lively opportunity to dip my toes into a new way of thinking! The Coaching Skills for OTs has already proved invaluable and I have been able to transfer learning directly into the workplace. It will build confidence in OTs at all levels and in all clinical settings. I highly recommend it!' Maureen Grove

Course curriculum

  • 01


  • 02

    Module One

    • Roots and Fundamentals: Why Coaching? Why now?

    • Roots

    • Fundamentals and Definitions

    • Why Occupational Therapy? Why Coaching? Why Now?

    • References

  • 03

    Module Two

    • Coaching Skills & Processes: The Deep Listener And The Curious Coach

    • Listening and Responding

    • The Curious Coach

    • Action Learning

    • References

  • 04

    Module Three

    • Coaching Skills & Processes: Who Am I, What Do I Value, What Do I Believe?

    • Values Elicitation

    • Beliefs

    • Strengths

    • References

  • 05

    Module Four

    • The Essence of Coaching: Coaching Models & Approaches

    • Coaching Models and Approaches

    • GROW

    • Examples and Practice

    • References

  • 06

    Module Five

    • Enabling Change & The Barriers To Coaching

    • Enabling change: engagement and motivation

    • Barriers

    • References

  • 07

    Module Six

    • Coaching, Mentoring, Therapy & OT

    • Coaching as an Enablement Skill in Occupational Therapy

    • Practice & Integration

    • Taking your journey forward

    • References