Course curriculum

  • 01
  • 02

    Understanding group experiences

    • Group process and group development

    • Using yourself effectively

    • Dealing with difficulties in the group

  • 03

    Learn from me... My biggest, most challenging, most important and most fun parties!

    • My biggest house party

    • The party which was most fun....

    • My most challenging party

    • My most important party

  • 04

    How to run a successful party

    • The host, invitations and location

    • Blank Host Letter to print and fill in

    • Host letter: MS Word copy for editing

    • The process

    • Email Collection Form

    • Following up

    • Checklist of things to prepare and take

    • Wording for the host letter

  • 05

    Discovery Party Games and Activities

    • Introduction to the games and activities

    • Warm Ups: Pass the Parcel

    • Pass the Parcel Labels - print one sheet per parcel and cut out

    • Warm Ups: Blind Portraits

    • Warm Ups: Bucket List Charades

    • Bucket List Charades Cards to print out

    • Warm Ups: Spin the Bottle

    • Spin the Bottle Cards to print out and cut up

    • Warm up: Party Guest Guessing Game

    • Party Guest Guessing game cards to print out and cut up

    • Gentle Enquiry: Twenty Questions

    • 20 questions prompt sheet, to print out a few copies

    • Gentle Enquiry: I went to the Life Coach and...

    • Gentle Enquiry: Life Bingo

    • Life Bingo Wish Statements, print one

    • Bingo Cards, print one set. They can be re-used

    • Bingo number tokens, to print out and cut up

    • Gentle Enquiry: Life Wheel (on the back of the Genie)

    • Completed life wheel on the Genie

    • Gentle Enquiry: Consequences

    • Consequences Sheet, print one for each person

    • Exploring Coaching: Drawing Goals

    • Drawing Goals Life Goal Example

    • Drawing Goals Business Goal Example

    • Exploring Coaching: Letter from future self (on the Genie)

  • 07

    Other resources to use with your clients and party guests

    • Other Resources

    • Letterhead for editing

    • Balloon Labels

    • Glue For Un-Sticking Yourself

    • Making Plans that Work

    • Logo folder

  • 08

    Marketing: Co-creating business

    • Level 1: Running Parties

    • Getting Going with Discovery Party - a slide show

    • Level 2: Following up

    • Level 3: Build a local presence

  • 09

    Important stuff

    • Ethics

    • Protocol for party charges

    • GDPR ( European Union law about collecting and storing data)

    • Safe Usage, Privacy Policy & Disclaimer

  • 10

    The videos in case you missed them before!

    • Intro to the games

    • Running a party

    • Why parties

    • Your host

    • Intro and BG

    • Groupwork and relationships

    • Landing page