Discovery Party: full license for coaches and therapists

Discovery Party is different...

It will change the way you work with people and market your coaching services, forever. 

In fact as well as helping you quickly build a large, local tribe of potential clients, you get paid whilst you market your services!

Discovery Party is NOT just another set of coaching resources or a marketing tool for coaches - it is so much more. It's a unique system which provides huge benefits to coaches including:

  • ready to use fun activities and games in a party format 
  • suitable for a variety of client groups and settings, including home parties, team workshops and away-days
  • a unique method to help coaches build a tribe and market themselves whilst getting paid!
  • free follow up resources for after the party and ways to keep in touch with potential clients
  • fully branded, ready to go resources that can be printed easily at home

Coaching is amazing isn't it. Coaches all around the world, really know the impact their work has in helping people achieve their greatest potential and lead a more peaceful and fulfilling life. 

At Discovery Party, we truly believe that coaching has a much greater role to play in the world that it currently does, especially in these turbulent, uncertain times. 

Fundamentally the more we can provide people with a lived experience of coaching, the more opportunities we can create for ourselves.

We developed Discovery Party using learning gained from party plan businesses, which have flourished for many years, all round the world. We have also used knowledge from social learning theory and neuroscience to develop a sound but progressive system. I have written about this in these three articles which you can read by clicking the links below:

If you want to hear from someone who hosted a Discovery Party in their home, click here to watch a video about Lucy's experience

Purchasing a full Discovery Party license provides you with a comprehensive training package, unique games and activities to use, marketing ideas and support - take a look inside the curriculum below.

Oh and there are some free sections too, when you sign up :) 

Course Curriculum

Learn from me... My biggest, most challenging, most important and most fun parties!

What's included?

7 Videos
39 Texts
26 PDFs
1 Presentation
Jen Gash
Jen Gash
Chief creator & doer

Jen is a coach, occupational therapist and artist, who has helped many people turn their creative ideas into reality.  She is a self-confessed geek when it comes to the art and science of creativity and has written extensively on the subject. 

As a life long artist she paints large scale oil and acrylic works. Before becoming a coach, she was a occupational therapist, helping people life the lives they want.

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