I love working in the world of coaching and personal development - Discovery Party® has made it even better!

Discovery Party ® helps coaches work in a fun and creative way, whilst they grow a real life tribe, market themselves and make an income. This business was built out of a love of coaching, fun, creativity and the joy of bringing people together. Discovery Party® is an approach which speaks to people who love these things too. Many coaches struggle to market themselves and build a client base. It can be de-moralising and costly but there is an alternative. Even if you are an executive coach with an established client base, Discovery Party can add creativity and fun to your work, so take a look!

There are so many reasons for coaches to run Discovery Parties

  • Get paid to market yourself: Instead of paying money to join networking groups or advertise in a magazine or online where you might get very little response, why not get paid to run parties and meet people who are your direct target audience.

  • Its fun. Going to a Party to work: Seeing people laugh and find their true passion and purpose whilst they share with friends and a glass of wine (or tea!). Must be the number one reason actually!

  • Grow your own business: Needing a constant stream of new clients is difficult business model. Discovery Party helps your business grow organically, combining face-to-face relationship, tried and tested party plan techniques, social contagion theory and networking.

  • Get creative with your coaching: coaching doesn't have to be just one-to-one talking. Discovery Party uses creative coaching techniques and games to make coaching accessible for all.

  • Grow your tribe. If you ran one Party a week for 40 weeks of the year, you could grow your emailing list by 300 people plus

  • New opportunities: New doors will open, you will find different settings and places to run Parties.

  • Gain new skills: Develop group work and marketing skills. You will also have new tools to use and develop as both a coach and business owner

What's included in your training:

  • Ready to go resources

    All the games, tools and support materials are all branded and ready to be downloaded and printed out. All the online resources are branded and ready to use and share too!

  • Your clients get access to online resources too!

    We have an free, online "Party Bag" which your party goers can access after the party, as part of your "value added" experience.

  • Flexibility

    You can use the tools, games and materials in whatever way you like. Although we have set up a system for you to market yourself, you don't have to use it that way. The choice is yours.


Course curriculum

  • 01


  • 02

    Understanding groupwork

    • Types of groups and group development

    • Using yourself effectively

    • Dealing with difficulties in the group

  • 03

    Learn from me... My biggest, most challenging, most important and most fun parties!

    • My biggest house party

    • The party which was most fun....

    • My most challenging party

    • My most important party

  • 04

    How to run a successful party

    • The host, invitations and location

    • Running a party - the actual process

    • Following up

  • 05

    Discovery Party Games and Activities

    • Introduction to the games and activities

    • Warm Ups: Pass the Parcel

    • Pass the Parcel Labels - print one sheet per parcel and cut out

    • Warm Ups: Blind Portraits

    • Warm Ups: Bucket List Charades

    • Bucket List Charades Cards to print out

    • Warm Ups: Spin the Bottle

    • Spin the Bottle Cards to print out and cut up

    • Warm up: Party Guest Guessing Game

    • Party Guest Guessing game cards to print out and cut up

    • Gentle Enquiry: Twenty Questions

    • 20 questions prompt sheet, to print out a few copies

    • Gentle Enquiry: I went to the Life Coach and...

    • Gentle Enquiry: Life Bingo

    • Life Bingo Wish Statements, print one

    • Bingo Cards, print one set. They can be re-used

    • Bingo number tokens, to print out and cut up

    • Gentle Enquiry: Life Wheel (on the back of the Genie)

    • Completed life wheel on the Genie

    • Gentle Enquiry: Consequences

    • Consequences Sheet, print one for each person

    • Exploring Coaching: Drawing Goals

    • Drawing Goals Life Goal Example

    • Drawing Goals Business Goal Example

    • Exploring Coaching: Letter from future self (on the Genie)

  • 07

    Admin, forms and other resources

    • Admin and other resources

    • Balloon Labels

    • Glue For Un-Sticking Yourself

    • Making Plans that Work

    • Logo folder

    • Discovery Party Letterhead

    • Checklist of things to prepare and take to the party

    • Host letter: PDF

    • Host letter: MS Word version

    • Email sign up form

    • Guest invitation

    • Party booklet

  • 08

    Marketing: Co-creating business

    • Level 1: Running Parties

    • Getting Going with Discovery Party - a slide show

    • Level 2: Following up

    • Level 3: Build a local presence

  • 09

    Important stuff

    • Ethics

    • Protocol for party charges

    • GDPR ( European Union law about collecting and storing data)

    • Safe Usage, Privacy Policy & Disclaimer

  • 10

    The videos in case you missed them before!

    • Intro to the games

    • Running a party

    • Why parties

    • Your host

    • Intro and BG

    • Groupwork and relationships

    • Landing page