Sow good seeds, nurture them well, harvest the rewards

“…And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” Anais Nin 

There has been an explosion of innovation and enterprise in recent years and many people have felt a calling to do something different, break out of the mould and create something extraordinary - I think you must be one of those people which is why you are reading this.

Often, coming up with the “idea” is the easy bit, but growing an idea into a sustainable business or project, requires vision, preparation, on-going care and nurturing.

Developing an idea into a thriving business is a bit like gardening.

It’s an organic process and is subject to many changing and  challenging variables.

Sometimes it needs tenderness, sometimes hearty strength and vigour,

but it can yield great results and be very, very satisfying.

This program combines the strengths of a variety of approaches including biomimicry, creative coaching and traditional business planning, to help you create a business or project you not only love, but want to look after!

Most business planning processes don't take into account how different as human beings we all are. This can cause us all sorts of problems long term...

Traditional approaches also lack tools to help us solve complex problems.

Our approach is different - you won't find it anywhere else!

So if you are struggling to plant the seed of an idea you've had for a while, or maybe you have a seedling business that is struggling to grow, why not choose a different path and enter our business garden!

"Show me a garden that is bursting into life" Snow Patrol  

Course curriculum

  • 01


    • Welcome to Growing Potential

  • 02

    Part One: Inner Gardening

    • Your inner gardener - resourceful & powerful

    • A business you love

    • Get out from under that bushel

    • The passionate gardener

    • A skillful gardener

    • The abundant gardener

    • The green fingered saboteur

  • 03

    Part Two: What do you want to grow?

    • Your garden vision: the seed

    • From seed to seedling

  • 04

    Part Three: A garden plan

    • Existing resources and your new plants

    • The value your garden offers

    • Garden visitors : your customers

    • Your garden: a business, hobby or social cause?

    • A variety of plants, crops or trees (aka revenue streams)

    • Gardening activities (and making sure your gardener is happy doing them!)

  • 05

    Part Four: Get digging and planting

    • Preparing the ground

    • Surveying the land

    • Planting out

  • 06

    Part Five: The flourishing garden

    • Basic care: feeding, watering, caring & composting

    • Solving business garden problems

  • 07

    Part Six: The attractive garden

    • Bees, butterflies and garden visitors

    • Attraction marketing

  • 08

    Part Seven: The Sustainable, Resilient Garden

    • Natural sustainability

    • Coaching your inner gardener

    • Common complaints from gardeners

    • Harvesting: reaping rewards

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