Selling Occupational Therapy: from idea to value proposition

Selling OT: from idea to value proposition

Essential for OT's with a creative idea, but not sure what to do with it!

This ebook is the result of many many coaching sessions with OT and teaching/workshops sessions with OT, looking at turning their ideas into a business or project. 

I have argued for years that trying to sell OT, as you and I would describe it, is not an easy thing to do.

We need to take what OT does and could do, link it to what society needs and package it in such a way that is compelling, relevant and sells.

Yes, there’s that word again “sell”.  I use this loosely as many of you might want to start a charity, social enterprise or other type of project, but at the heart of all of this, we have to show why our services and products are worth investing in, be it an individual person buying or a commissioning team.

Whether you have a seedling idea or something more firm plans for taking OT into the wider world, this guide is for you!

More details :


  • I want to do something different with my OT skills
  • I want to start my own OT business
    This thing is based on OT, but won’t be called OT
  • What do I do with it next?
  • I have an idea for a product but don’t know if it’s any good… how should I develop it?
  • How do I sell “OT” and what it does?
  • How do I know that what I have to offer is wanted, needed and is of value?
  • How do I prove and communicate its value?

Having worked with many OTs, OT students and OT business owners since 2005, these questions frequently come up. Indeed in my own business I still grapple with them.

These are good questions and ones that entrepreneurs and business owners ponder at the start of a business and as new products and ideas surface. They are also useful questions when we start to communicate and market our business in the world and are central to running an ethical, sustainable and profitable business.

This e-book is specifically aimed at Occupational Therapists because as OTs we have something unique to offer 

“enabling occupation, participation and inclusion – the business of being a human doing”.

What's included?

1 Text
2 PDFs

Now is the time to get clear about your seedling OT idea and see it flourish in the world!

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